With 2016 officially on the books, we all like to take a moment to reflect back on what that year brought us.  Here at Torsen Intergalactic, a lot of things took place that were noteworthy.  Most obvious to all of you was that a brand new website was launched, replacing that clunky old frame-based site that looked it was created around 2000 (because it was).  This has given us better ability to hawk our product, tell you why its awesome, communicate to readers (by way of this news page), and of course, has improved your ability to connect with us.  But 2016 also brought us a number of things that you wouldn’t see from your side of the internet.

In 2016, we ramped up to volume production for the Ford Mustang GT350, as well as relaunched the front differential for the F-150 Raptor (now a $500 stand-alone option on Ford’s website).  These, combined with the ongoing Mustang GT differential production have served to significantly increase our OEM sales volume.  That led us to hiring more staff and adding more equipment.  We added a new gear cutter and a new gear inspection machine.  We’ve contracted to have a new assembly line as well.  Inside the Torsen Cosmic Headquarters building, we’ve knocked down several walls, rearranged the machine shop and rejiggered the assembly area to accommodate the new machines in a sensible way.

On another front, we had an excellent turn out and response to our booth at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.  We attended the PRI show for the first time in a long time.  We’ve added several new models to our aftermarket line, and we’ve identified segments of the market that we feel are ripe for new offerings.  Look for additional new models in 2017.

That’s not to say its been all rainbows and unicorns.  There have been issues along the way – some rather significant.  However, it wouldn’t be proper to discuss these in polite company.  Needless to say, said issues have been resolved and the world is now as right as it should be.  So where does that all leave us going forward?  Well, we expect 2017 to build on what we’ve achieved in 2017 and ring in new areas of growth.

For starters, the new assembly line is being installed as we speak, or, at least as I type this.  Another new gear cutting machine is on the horizon, scheduled to land in late spring.  This piece of equipment will have several unique features that will allow us to make gearing components unlike any made by those other helical gear makers, and will allow us to fully produce whatever we need in-house.  That will truly open up our prototype and low-volume manufacturing flexibility.

Also, as mentioned above, we’re planning several new aftermarket models to help round our our product list.  We intend to offer product for segments that are sorely lacking in our current line, while also expanding our motorsport offerings – particularly in off-road racing, as well autocross, track use, etc.  At this time, I think its fair to say that we’ll be back at SEMA in November, but right now that seems a long time away.  Either way, we’re also working to be more responsive to customers, both in terms of listening to what you want, but also in addressing general day to day communications.

All told, 2017 looks potentially quite bright, with projected volume increases, sales expansion and newfound manufacturing capacity that’s coming.  We look forward to working with you in the new year!