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Since 1984, we’ve provided class-leading helical gear, torque-sensing differentials to premiere auto manufacturers. From the military AM General HMMWV to Audi Quattro sedans and SUVs, Torsen differentials provide the traction and handling that you need. Enthusiasts will recognize the advantages, with respected performance cars like spec-series Miatas, the Mustang Boss 302, and the recent Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 all running Torsen® products.

Our seamless operation integrates flawlessly with modern electronic chassis control systems, like traction and stability controls, as well as anti-lock braking. That means that your chassis systems work less often, with less intrusive behavior, and the overall experience is even better. Safety, performance & reliability – progress requires traction, and that is what we deliver.


Chevrolet Camaro IRS (5th Gen)
Chrysler 300C, Dodge Charger/Challenger SRT8 (Getrag 226)
Dana 30, 3.73 & Up – T-2
Dana 44 Low Numeric (1)
Dana 44, 3.73 & Down – T-2
Dana 44 Low Numeric (1)
Dana 44, 3.73 & Down – T-2R
Dana 44 High Numeric (3)
Dana 44, 3.92 & Up – T-2
Dana 44 High Numeric (3)
Dana 44, 3.92 & Up – T-2R
Ford 8.8 T2R only (3)
Ford 8.8, 28-Spline – T-2R
Ford 8.8 T2R only (3)
Ford 8.8, 31-Spline – T2
Ford 8.8 T2R only (3)
Ford 8.8, 31-Spline, – T-2R
Ford Mustang S550 (2015-2019) – 3.15:1 Axle
Ford Mustang S550 (2015-2019) – 3.31 & Up Axles
Ford Dana 35 (1)
Ford Ranger Front – Dana 35 SLA
Ford 8.8 T2 only (3)
Ford Ranger FX4 Replacement Differential
Ford 9-inch, 31-Spline – T1
Ford 9.75”
F Car Gm 76 Low Numeric (3)
GM 7.6, 28-Spline 2-Series – T-2
GM 85 86 (1)
GM 8.6 (10 Bolt) – T-2R
Dana 44 Low Numeric (2)
Jeep JK Dana 44, T-2R
Thrust Block Kit – GM 7.6 (F-Car) #1
Thrust Block Kit – GM 7.6 (F-Car) #2
Thrust Block – GM 8.6 (SSR)
Thrust Block Kit – Ford 8.8 #1
Thrust Block Kit – Ford 8.8 #2
Thrust Block Kit – Ford 8.8 #3
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Torsen®: Geared for the Road Ahead

Here at JTEKTTorsen® North America, we strive to design, manufacture and supply first rate helical gear limited slip differentials. There is a reason that many people think the name Torsen® is synonymous with the helical gear differential – we produce products that are the industry standard, and we do so for both OE vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket.

The Torsen® brand name of differentials was first brought to market in the early 1980s by the Power Systems division of The Gleason Works in Rochester, NY. Though the design was the invention of Vernon Gleasman, it took the partnership with The Gleason Works – foremost experts in gear design and manufacturing – to develop the methods and metallurgy necessary to reliably manufacture the complex gearing of the original Torsen®. Their advances in producing the Torsen® Differential made it possible to produce high-quality assemblies in the volumes needed for OEM customers. The first major contract awarded was for AM General’s then-new HMMWV, or “Humvee” vehicle. Operations then spread into Europe as Audi jumped onboard, using Torsen® to update their line of Quattro models.

After the initial years with Gleason Corp., the Torsen® group’s technology, and customer base has evolved through strategic mergers and acquisitions with Zexel Corp. of Japan (1990), Bosch Automotive Systems Co. (2000), and Toyoda Machine Works (2003). TMW’s merger with Koyo Corporation in 2006 formed JTEKT Corporation. JTEKT Torsen North America, Inc. is a subsidiary of JTEKT North America, Inc.

Today, JTEKT Torsen® has a presence on multiple continents, providing helical-gear differentials to many vehicle manufacturers in Europe, Asia as well as North America. Audi & Toyota remain as major customers, as well as Ford, GM, Hyundai, Fiat-Chrysler, BMW, and others. We remain committed to continually developing new helical gear technologies, to finding new ways to improve our products, and to expanding the aftermarket business in North America, producing high-quality differentials for popular performance, racing & off-road applications.