SEMA is now behind us, everyone made it home intact, everything has been unpacked and all of the pictures collected.  What seems like a fairly simple thing – going to a trade show – takes on a huge level of complexity when the show is one the size of SEMA.  If you happened to come ’round to booth 35197, upstairs in the South Hall, this is what you’d have found:


We try to bring a cross section of staff to the attend the show, so that our employees can better understand the market – and our customers.  We had staff from sales, manufacturing, engineering as well as quality control with us at the booth.  Everyone brings their own experience and area of expertise, which better allows us to answer questions.  The cut-away display model (center) contained a working, powered Torsen T-2R that really drives home how these devises work.


During our time at SEMA, we spoke with buyers, media, distributors, chassis builders, installers, and most importantly, end customers.  We spoke with hundreds of people over the course of the week, answered all sorts of questions, and listened to what customers are asking for (9″ Ford anyone? – more to come on that later).  And we took in as much of the show as possible.  Quality Manager Kim conducts a spot check of Torsen performance in the Fox Shox Raptor:


Rick & Sean nearly disappear into the blue:


Ford Performance had Torsen differentials on display as well:

wp_20161105_12_02_53_rich  img_0579

Of course, it wasn’t all business.  The Torsen group at Caesar’s Palace:


Dessert overload at Serendipity 3:

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Some assorted pictures from the show:

 img_0112 img_0090 img_0006 img_0078 wp_20161102_10_59_14_rich wp_20161101_10_46_31_rich img_9991 img_0148 img_0139 img_0136 img_0129 img_0126

Seriously, where else can you find such a variety of different types of hot rods, custom cars, race cars, rats, off road monsters, vintage vehicles, and just downright bizarre and unique vehicles all in one place?  SEMA truly is a unique experience.  And a parting shot – leaving Las Vegas behind, till next year:



Photos: Rick Barnes, Kim Gebo