Wow, this year is going by fast.  Here we are in the middle of February already – and posts on the news page have been a little lax.  Well, good news: several new products have been added to the Torsen webstore.

Has the thrust block for the Torsen diff in your Boss 302 gone on vacation without you?  Perhaps your pooch buried it in the backyard, or maybe your buddy decided to play a practical joke on you.  Either way, you can’t finish installing your Torsen into a Ford 8.8″ axle unless you have the center block.  The block, also called a thrust plate, not only spaces your axle shafts apart, it also supports the thrust load of the differential’s side gears during operation, and as such is essential.

Many times, these blocks get lost during the time between removal and reinstallation.  Well, Torsen can help.  Replacement thrust blocks are now available in our webstore, and include a replacement retaining bolt.  This block kit fits the Torsen differential found in the 2012-14 model year Mustang GT, Boss 302 & GT500 models (Ford part number CR3W-4026-AB), the same model sold by Ford Racing (part number M-4204-MB), as well as all recent T-2R models sold for the 8.8” axle (Torsen part number 975420-0200AF).

We have also added a split thrust block kit that fits Torsen differentials for the GM 7.6” axle application.  This kit is intended for use in OEM-production Torsen units found in 1999-2002 Camaro & Firebird models, with identifying numbers starting with 9021-, 9022-, 9023- & 9032- and will also fit late T-2R applications for the same axle (part number 975420-0315E).  This two-piece block is split into two half-thickness blocks, allowing the installation of ring & pinion gear sets with ratios numerically higher than 3.42:1.  So, it you want to install 4.10 gears, this is your ticket.

One additional new product – we now have available direct-replacement differentials for the late Ranger FX4 Level-2.  These are complete assemblies, and only fit Ranger models with 31-spline axle shafts.  They can also be used in older Explorer models with a solid rear axle, but are not compatible with IRS applications or Mustang axles.