Announcing more new products!

JTEKT Torsen is pleased to bring back the Type-1 differential for the 31-spline Ford 9-inch axle.  We were able to produce a limited quantity of these babies, so once they sell out they will be gone.  The Type-1 is the original, crossed-axis Torsen, which has naturally high TBR characteristics.  Torque bias ratio on this unit is approximately 4:1, and is suited for assorted circle track or street rod applications.

We are also adding a brand-new T-2R model for the Ford 9.75″ axle.  The 9.75 is commonly found in F-150 models starting from way back in 1997.  It is also used in the Expedition and some Transit vans.  This is a high-TBR model, primarily intended for off-pavement use.  Torque bias ratio is approximately 4.5:1.