Dearborn, MI – The Ford Mustang has used Torsen® differentials in select Mustang models since the 2012 model year.  This was no different for the 2015 S550 Mustang.  The inclusion of a Torsen T-2R in the Performance Package option helped the GT model reach its true potential.  Additionally, when the GT-350 was rolled out shortly thereafter, it came with its own Torsen Type-2 as standard.

With the introduction of the updated Mustang for 2018, Ford has elected to spread out the availability of the Torsen differential a bit.  It was once limited only to manual transmission cars only.  For 2018, however, the GT Performance Package option has been extended to cars equipped with Ford’s new 10-speed automatic transmission – paired now with 3.55:1 axle gears.

At the same time, Ford has also seen fit to further extend Torsen to the four-cylinder turbo models as well.  The EcoBoost® Performance Package now includes the use of a Torsen differential as well, for both manual and automatic transmission versions of the car.

So, for Mustang buyers, there are two engine choices, two transmission choices, but one Torsen.  The Mustang’s Torsen is now available in coupe or convertible, manual or automatic, V8 or Turbo-4.  No matter what road you take, Torsen will get you there!


EcoBoost® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.