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JTEKT Torsen North America, Inc. designs and manufactures the Type A (T-1), Type B (T-2), and Type C (T-3) style TORSEN® differentials that are found in such vehicles as the Audi quattro® and GM Hummer®!

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History Brief:

Founded in 1984, the company was formed under the name Gleason Power Systems.  This was a small division of the Rochester, NY based Gleason Corporation.  Click on the company history outline hyperlink for more information!

Gleason Power Systems was acquired in 1989 by Diesel Kiki, who then changed their name to Zexel.  Torsen was adopted in the name to better distinguish what our division does compared to the rest of Zexel Corporation.

Zexel Torsen, Inc. was a part of the worldwide Zexel Torsen business which was majority-held since 1999 by the Robert Bosch Corporation.  Torsen designs and manufactures the patented TORSEN® differential.

Toyoda Machine Works Ltd., in 2003, purchased the worldwide Torsen division from Robert Bosch / Zexel Corporation.  Zexel Torsen, Inc. was then renamed Toyoda-Koki Automotive Torsen North America Inc. to reflect this change.   The company name change became effective on September 1, 2003.

Koyo Bearing Corporation merged with Toyoda Machine Works and formed JTEKT.  This new company has its focus on four major product lines of which Torsen is part of their Automotive Driveline business.  Our Rochester, NY division has been renamed JTEKT Torsen North America, Inc. which is responsible for sales of Torsen differentials in North America.  View the news release here!

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